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N and shepherded his career is exiling him to the boondocks of South Carolina with of dark money The Coyotes eBook to introduce a ballot initiative on behalf of a mining company The goal to manipulate the locals into voting in favor of the sale of pristine public land to the highest bidderDre arrives in God fearing flag waving Carthage County an area America's New Economy has left behind with only Mrs Fitz's well meaning yet naïve grandson Brendan on his team A local is needed as a strawman to collect si

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The Coyotes of CarthageEPUB The Coyotes of Carthage By Steven Wright Berkingmadcouk Toussaint Andre Ross has one shot Despite being a successful African American political consultant his aggressive tactics have tarnished his firm's reputation Now his boss and mentor Mrs Fitz who pluc Toussaint Andre Ross has one shot Despite being a successful African American political consultant his aggressive tactics have tarnished his firm's reputation Now his boss and mentor Mrs Fitz who plucked him from juvenile incarceratio

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[EPUB] ✵ The Coyotes of Carthage By Steven Wright – Berkingmad.co.uk Toussaint Andre Ross has one shot Despite being a successful African American political consultant his aggressive tactics have tarnished his firm's reputation Now his boss and mentor Mrs Fitz who plucGnatures and Dre hires blue collar couple oafish Tyler Lee and his pious wife Chalene to act as the initiative's public faceUnder Dre's cynical direction a land grab is disguised as a righteous fight for faith and liberty As lines are crossed and lives ruined Dre’s increasingly cutthroat campaign threatens the last remnants of his own humanity and the very soul of Carthage CountyA piercing portrait of our fragile democracy and one man's unraveling The Coyotes of Carthage may very well be the political novel of our times

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  • Melki

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageFifteen minutes he's been in Carthage and he already hates this placeWelcome to Carthage South Carolina a town that consists of Republicans and independents who split from that party because they believe Republicans are

  • Faith

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageSometimes coyotes are predators sometimes they are prey and sometimes they are just roadkill Toussaint Andre Ross is a 35 year old political consultant He made a mistake on his last campaign and as punishmentredemption he is sent to Carthage South Carolina for a 13 week campaign to get approval of a gold mining project The gold mine would take up public land that is currently used for hunting frankly I would have preferred the mine and would also pollute the soil Political consultant is a job that reuires a flexible moral code He has to manipulate people into voting for something that may not be in their best interests As we have seen that’s not that hard to do Andre sets up an inexperienced candidate to advance conservative initia

  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageThis was a fascinating behind the scenes look at dark money politics in the US curtesy of Citizens United The narrator is sent to a small town in South Carolina where a mining company wants to influence local politics to gain access t

  • Russ

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageA bleak and very engaging political thriller with a prickly yet vulnerable antihero Andre as the main characterIt’s also an eye popping educational portrayal of dark money and local electioneering I have a political science degree and my work for government at the state and local level includes elections administration so I thought I had a good understanding of how local political campaigns workHowever even I was too naïve to recognize the sometimes shadowy forces behind the simplest seeming ballot initi

  • Nadine

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageA trip through the guts of a small time southern political campaign seen through the eyes of an experienced political consultant who's both an insider and an outsider It's also a morality tale with many angles and no easy answers where winning and losing are ultimately beside the point Audio narrator Glenn Davis completely inhabited protagonist Dre Ross for me One small pronunciation slip up made me laugh though crocheted pronounced crosheted Maybe Glenn and the audio editors should have consulted their grandmas ;

  • Bookreporter.com Mystery & Thriller

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageCategorized as a mystery political thriller and dark comedy this impressive debut novel by former trial attorney Steven Wright is about Andre “Dre” RossAn ex con and failing operative at the DC consulting firm of Martin Fitzpatrick Deville Dre is sent to Carthage County South Carolina to “fix” an election His client is PISA a shadowy international firm that sees the gold under the r

  • Kim

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageSometimes you read a book and learn about the topicSometimes you read a book and learn about the authorOthers have beautifully reviewed the book's topic better than I could and also this book was of the latter variety for me So Here's what I learned about Steven WrightWright has the sensitivity and observation skills of Lucy Maud Montgomery She never let us off the hook when it came to the complexity of people and nor does he plan to let us This level of character development is rare and even a very gifted writer which he obviously is won't hit this crescendo without a lifetime of thoughtful curious people watching and a healthy dose of hyper vigilance He dumped us into a gathering of complete strangers characters we m

  • Bethany Bendtsen

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageAndre Ross grew up in and out of shelters in DC before being plucked out of juvie by Mrs Fitz who sees talent and charisma in Andre that she feels will be right at home in her political consulting firm By 35 he is a high level political consultant accepting money from corporations and lobbyists in exchange for influencing elections by whatever shadowy means necessary His recent conduct however is extreme even for this shadow world of loose morals and he’s sent to rural Carthage County South Carolina as a last chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his mentor Mrs Fitz His mission to convince the Carthage residents to sell thousands of acres of public land to a mining company a

  • Kathleen

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageThe funniest most incisive commentary on the banality of evil that I have ever read this is the story of money in American politics It's both a little lesson in how elections are stolen and a detailed portrait of our country With a full cast of well developed characters who are simultaneously caricatures and deeply recognizable individuals it's also an excellent novel No one is admirable No one is perfect Everyone is completely relatable I highly recommend this book It might make you throw up a little in your mouth but that's politics

  • Deb

    ✓ berkingmad The Coyotes of CarthageI was very fortunate to have gotten an advance reader’s e proof of The Coyotes of Carthage from HarperCollins I found this debut novel totally absorbing and its main character Toussaint Andre Ross AndreDre extremely complex and compelling Andre incarcerated in Juvie for 2 years for a crime he didn’t commit is “adopted” at age 20 by Mrs Fitz the 70 year old sole founding female partner of a political consulting firm She has been a second mother to Andre for 15 years and served as a mentor who brings him along in the firm where he has achieved some success at least financially Then his pride and recklessness goes too far in his management of an election campaign bringing embarrassment to the firm As a result Mrs Fitz instead of firing him assigns him to a 13