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ΠολιτείαN it During t Presented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and three different interlocutors this classic text is an enuiry into the notion of a perfect community and the ideal individual within it During the conversation other uestions are raised what is goodness; what is

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❮Reading❯ ➳ Πολιτεία ➬ Author Plato – Berkingmad.co.uk Presented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and three different interlocutors this classic text is an enuiry into the notion of a perfect community and the ideal individual within it During tReading Πολιτεία Author Plato Berkingmadcouk Presented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and three different interlocutors this classic text is an enuiry into the notion of a perfect community and the ideal individual withi

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Reality; and what is knowledge The Republic also addresses the purpose of education and the role of both women and men as guardians of the people With remarkable lucidity and deft use of allegory Plato arrives at a depiction of a state bound by harmony and ruled by philosopher king

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  • Brendan

    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία ΠολιτείαLet me explain why I'd recommend this book to everyone Plato is stupid SeriouslyAnd it's important that you all understand that Western society is based on the fallacy ridden ramblings of an idiot Read this understand that he is not joking and understand that Plato is well and truly fucked in the headEvery single one of his works goes like thisSOCRATES Hello I will now prove this theorySTRAWMAN Surely you are wrongSOCRATES Nonsense Listen Strawman can we agree to the following wildly presumptive statement that is at the core of my argument Insert wildly presumptive statement here— this time it's There is such a thing as Perfect Justice and There

  • Everyman

    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία ΠολιτείαAll the criticisms of Plato are valid He raises straw arguments He manipulates discussions unfairly He doesn't offer realistic

  • Henry Avila

    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία ΠολιτείαPlato's The Republic is a great but flawed masterpiece of western literature yes it makes sense mostly some of it I am the wisest man in the world because I know one thing that I know nothing said the smart man Socrates Plato is writing for Socrates his friend and teacher Late teacher since being forced to commit suicide by the uncomfortable citizens of Athens the famous poisoned cup of hemlock for corrupting the minds of youth Socrates didn't believe books were as effective as lectures big mistake Socrates advocates complete state control of everything land schools businesses homes and even children to be taken away from their parents and raised by the state In other words an early form of communism Plato agreed but Aristotle didn't

  • Riku Sayuj

    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία Πολιτεία Is the attempt to determine the way of man’s life so small a matter in your eyes—to determine how life may be passed by each one of us to the greatest advantage 1344d I propose therefore that we inuire into the nature of justice and injustice first as they appear i

  • Emily May

    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία ΠολιτείαMy re reading of this for my university course has led me to the same conclusions I found when I first read it a couple of years back except this time I am fortunate enough to have understood it better than last time My conclusions being that Plato and through him Socrates was very intelligent believed he was intelligent than everyone else no matter how many times he declared himself unwise and very much loved to talk Socrates in particular must have been very fond of the sound of his own voiceYou can't give a book that revolutionised philosophy any less than 3 stars even if about 70% of it features many generalisations jumping to bizarre conclusions and claims without good reason And yes Plato and Socrates had some brilliant ideas all the brilliant because they came up with them first but they don't measure up to today's version of rational thinking Good but outdated I suppose t

  • Roy Lotz

    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία ΠολιτείαI’ve gotten into the habit of dividing up the books I’ve read by whether I read them before or after Plato’s Republic Before The Republic reading was a disorganized activity—much the same as wading through a sea of jumbled thoughts and opinions I had no basis from which to select books except by how much they appealed to my naïve tastes But after reading The Republic it was as if the entire intellectual landscape was put into perspective Reading became a focused activity meant to engage with certain uestions“uestion” is the key word here because in the end that’s what Plato is all about asking the right uestions the important uestions All academic disciplines are organized around a few basic uestions—“what is the nature of human cognition” “what are the fundamental laws of the universe”—and in The Republic Plato touches on almost every one of them That’s why shelving the book in the philosophy section doesn’t uite do it justice An exhaustive list o


    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία ΠολιτείαHalfway through now and the ability to see the book as a metaphor for civic and personal moral development becomes difficult The book is only useful if you are tracking the history of ideas which I am not The state Plato describes here is one that is highly prohibitive in almost every aspect Arts and culture are severely controlled for propaganda purposes There is a complete inability to view open transparent g

  • Piyangie

    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία Πολιτεία The Republic is where Plato lays down his ideas of an ideal state and its rulers Plato's Utopian state is one which is just and his ideal rulers are philosophers Presented as a series of dialogue between Socrates and Plato'

  • Trevor

    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία ΠολιτείαI’ve read this right through a couple of times now – three or there about I think And bits of it many many times This is one of the key books of ‘the western canon’ you really do need to be aware of it And you might be surprised at how freuently it is referenced particularly in science fiction – everything from The Giver to Brave New World to The Matrix And while the world Plato is presenting is meant to be a utopia it is generally used as the basis for the most terrifying of dystopias One of the things I noticed this time through was all the eugenics Not just in the selective breeding of the human stock but also in the murder of the ‘unfit’ I’ve always been very sensitive to ideas of killing people based on some notion of the ‘costs to society’ that they bring I believe such ideas undermine our very humanity to the point where the ‘impro

  • Mackey

    PDF Ä BOOK Πολιτεία ΠολιτείαIt's been far too long ago since I read this to write a critical review however it should be reuired reading for all students in America at the very least Oh how far we have strayed