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Playing DeadAn make you disappear but your suspicious insurance company might hire a private detective to dig up your coffinonly to find it filled with rocksGreenwood tracks down a British man who staged a kayaking accident and then returned to live in his own house while all his neighbors thought he was dead She takes a call from Michael Jackson no he's not dead or so her new acuaintances would have her believe stalks message boards for people contemplating pseudocide and gathers intel on black market morgues in the Philippines where.

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She may or may not obtain some fraudulent goodies of her own Along the way she learns that love is a much less common motive than money and that making your death look like a drowning virtually guarantees that you'll be caught Disappearing while hiking however is a way great to go Playing Dead is a charmingly bizarre investigation in the vein of Jon Ronson and Mary Roach into our all too human desire to escape from the lives we lead and the men and women desperate enough to give up their lives and their families to start agai.

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review × Playing Dead ☆ [BOOKS] ✭ Playing Dead By Elizabeth Greenwood – Is it still possible to fake your own death in the twenty first century With six figures of student loan debt Elizabeth Greenwood was tempted to find out So off she sets on a darkly comic foray into t Is it still possible to fake your own death in the twent[BOOKS] Playing Dead By Elizabeth Greenwood Is it still possible to fake your own death in the twenty first century With six figures of student loan debt Elizabeth Greenwood was tempted to find out So off she sets on a darkly comic foray into t Is it still possible to fake your own death in the twenty first century With six figures of student loan debt Elizabeth Greenwood was tempted to find out So off she sets on a darkly comic foray into the world of death fraud where for a consultant c.

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  • Petra-X

    review × Playing Dead Playing DeadUpdate This anecdote on disappearing was so funny I just had to share it A very wealthy man was fed up with his unloving and greedy son's attempts to get money off him so he wanted to disappear He didn't want to fake his own death because he intended to live a life of luxury on an island with soft sand beaches and waving palm trees view spoilerlike me minus the luxury hide spoiler

  • Esil

    review × Playing Dead Playing DeadI thought I would like Playing Dead than I did Really how could a book about people faking their own deaths not be interesting Surely most people fantasize every now and then about disappearing from the stress or tedium of their lives to reinvent themselves as someone else But there's a big difference between a fleeting fantasy and really doing it Who are the people who choose to go through with a disappearing act Playing Dead dishes out some interesting anecdotes and the odd insight but unfortunately for me it got

  • Diane

    review × Playing Dead Playing DeadFun idea for a book but I had to abandon this due to poor writing

  • Rebecca

    review × Playing Dead Playing DeadThis was great fun Thinking of the six figure education debt weighing on her shoulders Greenwood surveys various cases of people who faked their own death or simply tried to disappear Death fraud“pseudocide” is not as easy to get away with as you might think Fake drownings are especially suspect I found most ironic the case of a man who lived successfully for 20 years under an assumed name but was caught when police stopped him for having a license plate light out I particularly liked the chapter in which Greenwood travels to the Philippines a great place to fake your death and comes back with a copy of her own death certificate Releases August 9th

  • Jennifer

    review × Playing Dead Playing Deadpseudocidepseu·do·cide so͞o′dō sīd′ nThe act of faking one's suicide or deathI've thought about disappearing before It was just a little flutter of a thought that lasted a few seconds before I came back to reality But I get it I get why some would want an out that doesn't include actual death It's fake deathand surprisingly it's not illegalYoung fresh faced Elizabeth Greenwood considered faking her death once all those pesky student loans starting knocking on her door It's not always fun being a grown up is it She started researching and this initial thought morphed into something entirely different Playing Dead A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud is a nonfiction account of all those who tried and failed at disappearing examples of pseudocide scenarios that would warrant criminal charges and ones that would simply bring the dead back

  • J.

    review × Playing Dead Playing DeadBasically a compendium of anecdotes and shaggy dog stories relating to faking your own death The sheer inventiveness of the participants is often so intriguing and so beguiling that the reader can't look away Good when it's on topic and rolling with the impressive possibilities as the cord is cut; but drifty and adolescent angsty what's it all about alfie

  • abby

    review × Playing Dead Playing DeadCan someone really fake their death in 2016 In the era of the internet Google Earth and surveillance cameras In Playing Dead Elizabeth Greenwood tackles that very uestion With a mix of humor and dogged determination Greenwood covers every aspect of death fraud from the investigators who hunt down the not really dead before their benefactors can cash in on bogus insurance claims to the failed death fakers themselves She even goes as far as to fake her own death via the active fraud network in the Phillipines It's depressingly easy to attempt Greenwood's connections have no problem tracking down a body to unwillingly become the fake dead her but staggeringly difficult to master No one ever contacted her to boast a successfully faked deathI really enjoyed Greenwood's writing style I did lose a bit of steam durin

  • Greg

    review × Playing Dead Playing DeadReading this book first made me think of this cease to resist given my goodbyeand then this one bag full of oily rags fifty cent lighter dreams of retirement in Cancun burning ever brighter there's a lot of ways to make money in this world but I can't recommend insurance fraudI wanted to like this one than I did The subject is definitely interesting I imagine it's normal to have fantasies of just disappearing or is this one of those things I just assume everyone has but which is actually something wrong with me and the chapters are all interesting why don't you find another word but they all go on too long They reminded me any family holiday it's time to wrap shit up and go home but no one seems to know how to not just keep bringing up one thing that doesn't really need to be said and yeah I'm guilty of this too It was just how I was raised I guess The book is about people who fake their own deaths for a variety of reasons Usually because of money althoug

  • Jennifer

    review × Playing Dead Playing DeadStupid stupid stupid both the book and me for reading it I can't believe I wasted my first book of the new year on this piece of garbage An intriguing book description that failed to deliver in so many ways I held onto hope as long as possible then turned the page to the chapter about the Believers who are waiting for Michael Jackson to reappear Why didn't I ditch it you may ask Because I wanted to believe that if I just read a bit then some interesting and intriguing insights would be revealed Alas I am a dumbass Though no one may read this review I am using it is a confessional to purge myself of this travesty Seriously this book is so bad that I can't give it away recycle bin is the only redemption

  • Meg

    review × Playing Dead Playing DeadBrb sending the audiobook to Ryan Lochte