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Knight ErrantFour years she has trained Taro extensively; the next step is college Taro would rather be shot but he never forgets his debt to Eve so he means to honor her plans or die in the attempt When Eve rescues former joy boy and current layabout Rafe Ballard death seems the likely outcome Rafe is so apparently useless that Eve calls him 'the baggage' and appoints Taro his custodian Irritated into disobedience by his carefree charge Taro tries to get rid of Rafe Instead he gets them both kidnapped by the jealous husband Rafe was fleeing Though they are off planet before.


Taro can act his training may be enough to bring them safely through but now he has bigger problems Forced into partnership and freedom with Rafe Taro begins to see him differently Kind funny and caring Rafe is everything Taro never knew he wanted And all he can't have Eve's plans leave no room for a playboy boyfriend who can never measure up and Taro can't let her down Caught between the sister he'd die for and the man he's beginning to live for Taro decides it's time to start making his own plans And if the new skills aren't enough he'll give the old ones a try.

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READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Æ ❰Download❯ ➹ Knight Errant Author K.D. Sarge – From pickpocket and con artist to little brother and trusted comrade is a tough transition but Taro is making it His new sister former Marine Eve Marcori promised his dead mother she'd look after him From pickpocket and con arDownload Knight Errant Author K.D. Sarge From pickpocket and con artist to little brother and trusted comrade is a tough transition but Taro is making it His new sister former Marine Eve Marcori promised his dead mother she'd look after him From pickpocket and con artist to little brother and trusted comrade is a tough transition but Taro is making it His new sister former Marine Eve Marcori promised his dead mother she'd look after him To her that means family home her interstellar freighter and a solid future In.

READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant KD Sarge writes for joy and hope and works for a living She has tried her hand at many endeavors including Governess of the Children Grand Director of the Drive Through and Dispatcher of the Tow Trucks Currently KD labors appreciated but underpaid in the public school systemPast accomplishments include surviving eight one year olds for eight hours alone she lasted about ten months drivin.

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  • Kaje Harper

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight ErrantThis is a wonderful science fiction romance with humor tenderness exciting plot and wonderful characters The SF element is fairly light no serious tech interest needed It took me a little while to get into this book because there is very little background exposition Everything filters through the MC's POV so at first there were uite a few characters introduced and their relationships to the MC were not always clear But after the first couple of chapters I was seriously hooked and whipped through the rest of the book I bought the seuel His Faithful Suire as soon as I got back into Internet range This series could be read by older YA The MC is sixteen at the beginning of it albeit a very old sixteen having been on his own most of the years between 12 and 15 Toward the end the two guys have full on sex a lot but it is very very much off page I think a couple of kisses make it into words As an adult reader I wish I'd had a little detail on what happen

  • Emma Sea

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight ErrantYA book no sexNo rating from me for this book because I'm clearly not the target market and I probably shouldn't have read it I didn't like it because there was no sex At least the guys definitely had sex but it was all off the page It didn't even fade to black it just cuts away well in advance There is touching and platonic sleeping under the same survival blanket but dammit basically I'm reading mm for the sex If there's no sex then I need plotemotional connectionangst If none of these th

  • SueM

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight ErrantI found this sci fi romance to be everything I could want in such a novel There is comedy of errors bar room brawls kidnapping crash landings on remote unpopulated planets angst complex characters with complex pasts and of course romance This is a character driven novel which succeeds so well as all the characters even the background players have depth flaws and individual uirks that bring each and every one to life keeping you enthralled as the drama unfolds You won't find an erotic novel here but you will find a heartwarming romance Taro and Rafe's adventures together take them on a course of self discovery leading to a new awareness of themselves each other and of those around them To be completely honest I was a little surprised by how good this novel is I loved it

  • Justacat

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight Errant45 stars rounding up I really really enjoyed and highly recommend this exceptionally well written and engaging book It's sci fi but the world building is less important than the characters and relationship dynamics What makes it shine is the fabulous first person narrative voice of hot headed impulsive but still surprisingly self aware and infinitely likable young Taro It's a delight to watch the uber competent and usually uber confident Taro juggle his allegiance toward and desire to please his sisterguardian with his growing realizations about his true desires and his evolving feelings toward seemingly useless Rafe Although only a few characters are fleshed out in great detail perhaps appropriately for first person POV the author excels in giving even the minor ones clear identitiesThe book strikes a perfect balance between adventureaction and relationshipemotion it deals with some meaningful them

  • Chris

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight ErrantExcellent mm scifi romance about a 16 year old being raised on a spaceship by his sister and her crew He's been trying to be who she wants him to be but is uietly miserable And then he meets a guy who completely aggravates him

  • Julesmarie

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight ErrantFIRST RE READ 14 January 2017Another series I'm re reading so I can finally finish it I love that I still loved this

  • M&

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight Errant45 stars

  • Dee Wy

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight ErrantGreat Adventure and Sweet RomanceTaro has been adopted sort of The woman he considers his big sister ex marine Eve Marcori took him in when his mother died promising his mother she would look after him He now has a home on her freight hauling star ship brothers and sisters also rescued by Eve daily training and soon college Taro is trying hard to stay out of trouble to please Eve after all he owes her so much and can't bear to disappoint her He decides not to tell her college is the last thing he wants to do and he certainly isn't going to tell her he recently realized he's gayFor Taro life suddenly gets interesting when Rafe is rescued and joins them on the freighter Their adventures and budding relationship is what the story is all about It's a sweet mm romance with non explicit love scenes Though I found it hard to warm up to the characters at first they soon became very real Their dialogue is great with snarky Taro and playboy Rafe trying to come to terms with

  • AliciaJ

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight ErrantDespite the PG rating this story is unputdownable Taro and Rafe captured my attention from the very beginning and wouldn't let go no matter what Excellent stuff

  • Yvonne

    READ & DOWNLOAD ó Knight Errant Knight ErrantThis was a fun story high on romance very non explicit action and adventure a kind of romantic comedy sci fi Tough marine Eve Marcori has semi adopted Kintaro he has no family Eve was friends with his mother rescued him She considers him her little brother Taro doesn't want to disappoint her but at heart he doesn't want the life she's planned for him including college He's too restless gets into bar fights gambles is a pickpocket He's also hiding the fact that he's gay from her Taro due to his life experience appears older than his age which at the beginning is only a few days away from turning 16 Taro is assigned to pick up and look after a new 'baggage' Rafe Rafe is another one of Eve's rescue from the sex industry he's called a joy boy her former lover for a brief time Rafe turns out to be a playboy a womanizer an incorrigible flirt who Taro finds attractive but annoyin