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Dreamland Free read · 100 ´ ❮Reading❯ ➹ Dreamland ➱ Author Sam Quinones – Berkingmad.co.uk In fascinating detail Sam uinones chronicles how over the past 15 years enterprising sugar cane farmers in a small county on the west coast of Mexico created a uniue distribution system that brought b In fascinating detail Sam uinoReading Dreamland Author Sam Quinones Berkingmad.co.uk In fascinating detail Sam uinones chronicles how over the past 15 years enterprising sugar cane farmers in a small county on the west coast of Mexico created a uniue distribution system that brought b In fascinating detail Sam uinones chronicles how over the past years enterprising sugar cane farmers in a small county on the west coast of Mexico created a uniue distribution system that brought black tar heroin—the cheapest most addictive form of the opiate to times purer than its white powder cousin—to the veins of people across the United States Communities where heroin had never been seen before—from Charlotte NC and Huntington WVA to Salt Lake City and Portland OR—wer.

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E overrun with it Local police and residents were stunned How could heroin long considered a drug found only in the dense urban environments along the East Coast and trafficked into the United States by enormous Colombian drug cartels be so incredibly ubiuitous in the American heartland Who was bringing it here and perhaps importantly why were so many townspeople suddenly eager for the comparatively cheap high it offeredWith the same dramatic drive of El Narco and Methland Sam uinones weaves together two classic tales of American capitalism The stories of young men in Mexico independent of the drug cartels in search of their own American Dream via the fast and enormous profits of trafficking cheap black tar heroin to America’s rural and suburban addicts; and that of Purdue Phar.

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DreamlandMa in Stamford Connecticut determined to corner the market on pain with its new and expensive miracle drug Oxycontin; extremely addictive in its own right uinones illuminates just how these two stories fit together as cause and effect hooked on costly Oxycontin American addicts were lured to much cheaper black tar heroin and its powerful and dangerous long lasting high Embroiled alongside the suppliers and buyers are DEA agents local small town sheriffs and the US attorney from eastern Virginia whose case against Purdue Pharma and Oxycontin made him an enemy of the Bush era Justice Department ultimately stalling and destroying his career in public service Dreamland is a scathing and incendiary account of drug culture and addiction spreading to every part of the American landscape..

Dreamland Free read · 100 several years he has given writing workshops called Tell Your True Tale Most recently the workshops have taken place at East Los Angeles Public Library from which have emerged three volumes of true stories by new authors from the community For information go to.

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  • Carmen Blankenship

    Dreamland Free read · 100 DreamlandThere are not enough stars in the rating system to accurately explain how important this book is There isn't a home that should not have a copy Dreamland by Sam uinones is the single most well researched well written and heartbreaking account on the plague of opiate addiction I can tell you this confidently because I am an oppiate addict who has been clean for five years Dreamland will take you not only through the history of opiates but to living rooms of white suburban American who has fell victim to this epidemic I started highlighting passages throughout the book but had to stop because my entire kindle copy was yellow Every word is important and every story heartbreaking Every fact astonishing but true I thank Sam for keeping this conversation going and for bringing research and hea

  • BlackOxford

    Dreamland Free read · 100 DreamlandThe Spirit of Capitalism A Case StudyAdam Smith said it first ‘Greed is good’ According to him and his intellectual and political descendants the desires of individuals form a self regulating economic system which is advantageous to everyone The rich do get richer but so do the poor It’s called capitalism having and meeting needs through honest competition without interference from bureaucrats politicians or government agencies And capitalism works It does exactly what it says on the packet Dreamland is a testament to the power of Adam Smith’s theory The Sackler family and Purdue Pharma spotted a need unrelieved pain

  • Ellen Gail

    Dreamland Free read · 100 DreamlandIt only took me a month but I'm finally done Whew But it was the United Statesthat now consumed 83 percent of the world's oxycodone and fully 99 percent of the world's hydrocodonepeople in the United States consume narcotic medication than any other nation worldwide Dreamland is the story of the surge of opiate addiction in the mid 90s early 2000s in the United States Facilitated by the massive prescribing of new miracle dug Oxycontin new changes in the attitudes around managing pain and the surge of black tar heroin coming up from Mexico all colluded to form a sort of perfect storm that sprouted pill mills and rampant addictionFor tho

  • Kris

    Dreamland Free read · 100 DreamlandThere are so many problems with this bookI don't really take issue with the writing although as other reviewers have pointed out it can become repetitive And there were sides to the story that I'd never heard of in depth before such as the rise of the Xalisco Boys who comprise the nation's new drug dealers or the overzealous irresponsible marketing of drugs But the

  • Denny Bales

    Dreamland Free read · 100 DreamlandExtraordinary Investigative JournalismI have been an American cardiologist for many years I've had little awareness of the many thousands of deaths caused by the narcotic epidemic described so well in this book The strangling web of causes you will learn includes misinterpreted medical research leading to deadly malpractice shady doctors the rusty economic meltdown the easy

  • Trish

    Dreamland Free read · 100 DreamlandThe spectacular public service reporting Sam uinones does in this nonfiction is so detailed and many faceted that it left me feeling a little voyeuristic not having been visited by the scourge of opioid addiction myself Good lord I kept thinking so this is what we are dealing with I knew something was different I just didn’t have any conception of the size scope method and means of this problemuinones starts his story in the early 1980s when the first rancho Xalisco marketers came up from Mexico with an innovative method for just in time drive by selling of drugs to rich white kids in the suburbs They explicitly avoided cities and black people because they admitted they were afraid of them their violence and their gang activity Besides the thinking went blacks neve

  • Max

    Dreamland Free read · 100 Dreamlanduinones weaves together two themes to help explain today’s opiate and opioid epidemic He uses the term opiate throughout to refer to both so I will too Theme one is the story of the dramatic spike in the use of painkillers particularly oxycodone This culminated in pill mills that devastated many communities Theme two is the spread of black tar heroin taking advantage of those already addicted to prescription painkillers The heroin comes from a Mexican sourcing and distribution network dubbed the Xalisco Boys uinones a journalist builds his narrative through many short vignettes alternating between his main themes These profile addicts parents dealers doctors and law enforcementThe ascendance of painkiller addiction begins with a change in accepted medical practice in the late 1980s In response to an institutional reluctance to prescribe opiates even when clearly indicated doctors swun

  • Perry

    Dreamland Free read · 100 DreamlandFrightful Look at the Catch 22 'twixt Controlled Opioids Outlawed Black Tar HeroineThis is an ominous but illuminating exploration of the scourge in the US of controlled opioids overprescribed or sold on the streets and the outlaw opioid heroine and what has led us here ie the interplay between controlled opioids lortab norco oxycontin etc and the cheaper outlaw substitute that opioid addicts turn to when they cannot afford the opioids' high street price bla

  • Lindsay

    Dreamland Free read · 100 DreamlandReally important to get this information out and the book is very well researched From a writing perspective though I agree with the reviewer who said the structure doesn't build a narrative and feels very repetitive The piece uinones published in the NY Times a few weeks back covered most of the key points uite well in a compact formatThe last 20% or so brings in some of the solutions to the problem and covers topics In the acknowledgements section the author seemed to say that his editors each had worked on sections of the book which definitely would explain why it felt like a lot of magazine pieces stuck together Overall a good and important book but lacking a cohesive voice or narrative

  • Nick

    Dreamland Free read · 100 DreamlandRead this book I'm going to say that again READ THIS BOOK If you live anywhere in middle America but especially if you live in Southern Ohio you have to read this book to see where the scourge of narcotics has come from The origins of the opiate epidemic are laid out as clearly as possible for all to see One of the most significant problems in our society over the last 20 years and the perfect storm that led to it called out in black and white But probably most significant is how clearly you can see that the issue is not one of moral failings on the part of drug addicts It is the result of our society's delusional pursuit of wealth at all costs and the desire to live some absurd dream life that is not only unrealisti